Welcome for Barwell’s ministerial role

Develop Croydon Forum chairman Richard Plant has welcomed the appointment of local MP Gavin Barwell as Minister for Housing and Planning.

Mr Barwell’s Croydon Central constituency is at the heart of a vast housebuilding programme with the Ruskin Square and Morello schemes each side of East Croydon station adding to the completion of schemes such as Saffron Square and Island in the heart of the town.

Permitted development regulations have also had a significant impact in the town with many former offices having been earmarked for conversion from offices before the local authority secured an Article 4 exemption from the policy.

Mr Plant, who is also head of Stiles Harold Williams’ office in the town, said: “I am sure Gavin will channel his considerable talent and energy into improving and expanding housing provision.

“It is fitting that the new Minister for Housing comes for a constituency which has lead the way in terms of planning and the provision of well-connected new housing.”

Mr Barwell retained his Croydon Central seat with a majority of just 165 from Labour’s Sarah Jones at the 2015 General Election and subsequently published a book entitled ‘How to Win a Marginal Seat’.