Warhol month planned as reputation continues to Rise

ART will continue to play a major part as Croydon steps up its plans to be a cultural capital throughout 2017.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s death, RISE gallery has secured access to 16 giant prints, signed off by the Andy Warhol Celebration, which will form a trail around the town in July.

The major arts project will bring all things Warhol to central Croydon, including an exhibition of originals, Warhol-inspired street art, walking tours, film screenings and workshops.

An exhibition in the gallery in St George’s Walk called The Light Within (left), showcasing neon light displays, has already been well received this year.

Meanwhile, the town continues to blaze a trail for innovative street art, which gets changed every few months, with the RISE gallery having permission from landowners to bring a splash of colour to sites throughout Croydon’s arts quarter.

RISEgallery owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison said: “It’s great to see this continuing evolution of street art around us.

“The bar is continually getting raised higher.

“It’s not hard to see why everyone is saying Croydon is London’s new street art capital which is a title we are very proud of.”

PHOTO: Exhibits from The Light Within exhibition at the RISE Gallery. Pic by Croydon Council