Plans put forward for Coulsdon housing developments

A planning application for 157 new homes to be built on Lion Green Road car park, and 29 new homes to be built on the Coulsdon Community Centre site, have been submitted by Croydon Council’s development company Brick by Brick.

The plans include the retention and reprovision of a new public car park of 100 spaces serving Coulsdon town centre and a careful approach to the protection and enhancement of views through the site towards the Scheduled Ancient Monument, at the Lion Green site.

The community hub would be moved to 41 Malcolm Road, should planning be successful.

The public consultation took place in October. With a planning decision expected to be made in Spring 2018.

For further details on the plans please visit:

Coulsdon Community Centre – http://newmanfrancis.org/brick-brick-coulsdon-community-centre/

Lion Green Car Park – http://newmanfrancis.org/brick-brick-lion-green-car-park/