Develop Croydon and NCP offer Croydon’s employees £5 all day parking

Develop Croydon’s Occupier Forum has worked with NCP to offer employees in the town an exclusive rate of £5 all-day parking in the NCP Croydon car parks.

The scheme has been so successful that Develop Croydon were inundated with requests for the passes and NCP have now agreed to extend the offer for Croydon’s town centre employees.

The discount, which is offered with the NCP Park Pass scheme, has no restrictions on the day and time it is used so is ideal for flexible and part time workers who can’t currently benefit from early bird, weekly, monthly or season ticket discounts.

The Croydon Occupier Forum is funded by the Develop Croydon Forum and exists to promote Croydon as a great place to work to existing employers and their employees.

Katharine Glass, Vice-Chair, Develop Croydon said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this discount to town centre employees. It has been highlighted in our Occupier Forum meetings that parking affordability was one of the major concerns for employers and their employees and this exclusive deal should go some way towards alleviating that, allowing businesses to grow as they attract and retain staff.”

Andrew Berarey, Business Manager, NCP said: “We are very pleased to see there has been so much interest in the Park Pass scheme, offering a discounted all-day parking rate to Croydon’s employees. After being made aware that parking was an issue for some businesses in the Town Centre we felt it important to help resolve this and believe that this scheme will benefit many of the employees and help businesses continue to grow.”

James Lancaster-Carpenter, Store Manager, House of Fraser: “I think it’s fantastic that Develop Croydon have managed to secure this offer for the employees of Croydon. Whilst Croydon undertakes its regeneration it’s really important that we look after our employees and this will help secure Croydon as a great place to work.”

Anyone looking to learn more about the Occupier Forum and the NCP parking offer can contact Develop Croydon at info@developcroydon.com