Coast to Capital launches Brighton Mainline Alliance

Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership is spearheading the Brighton Mainline Alliance, a group of businesses and organisations that support the aim for Government to fully commit to funding strategic investment in the Brighton Mainline, including major redevelopments of East Croydon Station.

Develop Croydon is supporting the project with calls for businesses across the region to join the campaign, which urges that upgrading the Brighton Mainline would enhance capacity, connectivity and resilience, which is vital for businesses and fundamental for the region’s links to London and international connectivity.

Richard Plant, partner, SHW and Develop Croydon chairman said: “Develop Croydon has put its full support behind the proposed upgrades to the Brighton Mainline to help boost the capacity and connectivity on the rail network for our businesses and residents. The rail connections give Croydon its place in the South London economy and that of the South East and as the town’s regeneration continues to drive forward, this potential enhancement to its central transport hub is essential to its ongoing success.

Network Rail have specifically identified that the Brighton Mainline is the single top investment priority in the region. It is imperative that the links to Gatwick Airport are kept up to date and a reliable service is provided to continue to attract business and investment to the region. It is time to bring the region’s rail lines into the 21st Century in capacity, speed and reliability, now that the regeneration of the London terminus is nearly complete.

We will work with the Brighton Mainline Alliance to put the necessary pressure on the Government to make sure that these vital upgrade works are carried out and soon.”

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID, said: “It is imperative that large-scale investment is made to our transport infrastructure to provide much needed support for our local economies and business communities, enabling supply to meet demand. We therefore support the proposed upgrades to the Brighton Mainline which will enhance the service and capacity through Croydon, one of the busiest transport hubs in the region.”